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Quick intro to dSLR buttons

As a beginner, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of buttons a typical dSLR camera has. However, once you become familiar with the function of these buttons you will find that using the camera becomes easier. Each of these buttons have a task. Some may do several tasks depending on what mode your camera is in. The model of your camera will also have an influence on the number and function of these buttons. It seems the more expensive the camera the more buttons it has. Regardless of the cost or size of your dSLR the first step to discovering what each of these buttons do is your instruction manual. As you go through this article you might want to have your manual opened next to you. As we go down the list you can reference your manual and compare your camera's function with what is discussed here.

Lessons from mistakes

The tattoo industry, unfortunately, is filled with many dangers. Untrained artists known as scratch artists abound and their ignorance of the business puts their customers at risk. If you knew what I know about the shady side of tattooing you would probably swear off ever getting a tattoo from a stranger. Unless you have a personal relation with an artist and know, without shadow of a doubt, what their character and skills are you are literally in a craps shoot. After all, you are entrusting an image with strong emotional connections to be etched into your skin for ever. Early in my tattooing career I chose to pay attention to every single problem and complaint I heard my customers tell me about their prior experiences with other artists. I then decided to do the exact opposite and now I have one of the most respectable tattooing businesses in the area. I learned from other people's mistakes. The reason I bring this up is because working photographers are not immune from