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Save money by buying older generation quality

Electronic technology advances move at an astounding rate. Cell phones, laptops, cameras, you name it, the latest model becomes obsolete in a year or two. That's good for the manufacturers as they make their money pushing the latest greatest gadgets to the hungry consumer. But it's also good for the budget conscious consumer who can't afford the latest greatest gadget but still wants quality. How, you ask?

Editing vs. Over-editing

  Photography purists debate that using software to process an image is cheating. Older converts from film days look on digital manipulation as a means of saying goodbye to stinky chemicals. New photographers, who have never even seen film and think celluloid is the stuff on the thighs of fat people, embrace digital manipulation as part of the process. The diagram at right shows there really is little difference in the two processes of creating a good photograph. Then there are the countless non-photographers with a camera. Say what you will but cameras are now in the hands of everybody, cell phones being the leader. This trend has opened up a whole industry in photo sharing and photo manipulation apps. Oh, those, well, photo manipulation really isn't the correct description. More like photo abomination.