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Getting a retro film feel with your digital camera

What was it like to shoot in the days of film? Those of us who have made the transition from film to digital have fond memories and mixed emotions about the change over. Some embrace the new technology while others miss the " good ol' days ". Myself, I love the vast possibilities digital offers and that is why my old film cameras currently reside in a drawer collecting dust. Recently I read a post on   about how someone with a digital camera could replicate the feel (aggravation, frustration, suspense, joy...?) of shooting film. The ensuing forum conversation ranged from, "what's the purpose,"  to, "what a great idea!"  I thought I would share this little exercise with you.

All about photo licensing

The American Society of Media Professionals (ASMP) is an organization whose goal is to empower and educate professional publication photographers. The following three goals are directly quoted from their web site. The Three Purposes of ASMP To protect and promote the interests of independent photographers whose works are primarily for publication. To maintain and promote high professional standards and ethics in photography. To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among professional photographers.

Beware of scam photo contests

Three to four times a year I host a photo contest for members of My Photo Group . We are fortunate enough to be sponsored by Focal Press who sends us free photography books. Those books are used as prizes to the winning entrants. The contest serves several purposes; it gets more distant members involved in a group event, it allows interaction from home and it allows members to explore their vision and compare it against how others interpret the same theme. Plus it gets them a free book. This particular contest serves to foster the photographer's talent in a self fulfilling manner. Unfortunately not all contests have the participant's good will in mind.