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You must have a really good camera!

"Those are great photos. You must have a really good camera!" CLICK, CLICK... BANG!!! As frustrating as it is, that is the current mentality of most of today's photo consumers. But before you go and unload a couple of rounds into their skull stop and think about why  we are experiencing this mindset. Before dismissing the commentator as some brain-dead ignoramus who can't tell good art from bad let us analyze the problem. In my opinion it is not (entirely) because they are slow of thought it is because they have been conditioned with that response. This conditioning comes from two areas; technical advancement and advertising hype  built around our current social environment.

Roger Williams Zoo - a MPG meet up

Last year I had the opportunity to view photos taken at Providence's Roger Williams Zoo. In particular the eagles they have on display there. I love eagles. I draw them all the time as they are a perpetual favorite tattoo theme. I knew then, as I looked at all the wonderful photos, that it was a place I had to visit. And so we did. As with the previous couple of weekends, it threatened to rain. I kept a close eye on the weather in Providence and took a gamble that it would hold off until at least closing time. Well, it almost did. Unfortunately it was damp and threatening enough to scare off almost everyone that signed up to go.

Poi Fire Dancing - a MPG meet up

There is a mystical allure connected with fire. Something about it attracts us to it. It mesmerizes and dares us to challenge it. It can't be fully controlled but it doesn't stop us from trying to do so. Ultimately you will get burned by it. It's unavoidable. When the opportunity to create a meet up with performers who routinely challenge fire came my way, I had to jump at it. Photographing fire adds another layer of challenge to the whole control issue yet there is a safety in knowing there is some separation between us, as photographer, and the heat of the flames.

Boston's Quincy Market and Salem - a MPG meet up

There is something about the history and architecture of Boston that is appealing and not just on a photographic level. Thinking back on my high school history classes it is a humbling experience to know that our modern American history had a major turning point on the very same streets and buildings that we visit today. Diane and I have been to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market many times in the past. Nevertheless, I always seem to find something new and interesting to look at and explore. That is one reason I enjoy returning to Boston on these types of day trips. Saturday's journey to Boston proved to be quite enjoyable even with the threat of rain. Fortunately it eventually held off and created the most perfect light for a photo expedition.

Are CF cards going by the wayside?

I love my compact flash cards. I have two Canon dSLR cameras and they both take CF cards. My little point and shoot, however, takes the smaller SD cards. While they are smaller and I can see the pros of using them to save space, I am more prone to loosing an SD card than I am a CF card. I prefer the larger size of the CF cards. They have a solid feel to them without having to worry about being too gentle with their handling. I can shove them in my pocket knowing they'll be safe.