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Impromptu food shoot

My wife and I decided to have diner at our local Ruby Tuesdays. We love the food, love the atmosphere, and we had a coupon. So after a hectic day of shopping, we headed to the restaurant. One of the great things about Ruby Tuesdays is that the chefs there pay as much attention to presentation of their food as the taste. Considering it is not a high end restaurant, this is pretty impressive in itself. The other thing I like is that they have those cool looking square plates. All the makings for an impromptu photo shoot.

Managing Photos - Transferring From Your Camera

Most digital cameras on the market today come with software managers of some sort. They allow you do do a variety of photo manipulations depending on what gets packaged with the camera and who the manufacturer is. In general, most software that comes with our camera will allow for the basic; transferring images from your camera, basic photo editing, and perhaps some form of sharing or printing software. The majority of beginners I have talked to find that working with their camera's transfer software can be very confusing. Especially if that person's abilities with a computer is uncertain. While the software that comes bundled does have good intentions, I notice that most of them shove images in sub, sub, sub folders that make it harder to find later when you are trying to upload an image to, say, a social web site or through your email. Suddenly it becomes a needle in a haystack.